School Time Taxi Safe and reliable private transportation for your children


To start service with School Time Taxi, please call (281) 468-5095 for rates and to make an appointment. At the appointment, Ms. Pat wants to meet you and your child(ren). New customers will need to fill out two brief forms and pay a $25 registration fee.

Service and payment are based on the Klein ISD schedule. School Time Taxi's low rates cover the entire school calendar, and no adjustments are made for holidays or staff development days as they are already accounted for in calculations. Payment is expected regardless of sick days* or missed school days.

Parents or guardians may select the frequency of payment (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). Payment is due on the first day of the selected payment period. There is a $10 fee applied to late payments.

There is a $35 penalty for returned checks. After the first returned check, no further payment by check will be accepted and subsequent payments must be cash only.

Very Important -- If you pick up your child(ren) early for any reason, please be sure to notify Ms. Pat as soon as possible to avoid delay or disruption of service to the other riders.

Base rates apply to the base service area, which includes Memorial Northwest and applies to service between homes to schools, private schools, and child care facilities within the area. Service to extracurricular activities or destinations outside of the service area will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire by phone at (281) 468-5095.

*Exceptions may be made for children who are sick for extended periods.